“I Don’t Know How to Put This, But I’m Kind of a Big Deal”


            If Ron Burgundy says it, it’s true—and apparently now you can read all about him in the novel Let Me Off At the Top! that hit stores November 19 last fall. Will Ferrell was just on the cover of the January issue of the Rolling Stone and was referred to as Ron Burgundy both on the cover and in the story which I thought was extremely funny and a great way to play into the fiction.

            Both the Rolling Stone and The Guardian covered the book release stories with humor, creating anticipation for the novel and giving revere to Will Ferrell. The Rolling Stone article relied on Ferrell’s artistic prestige in the movies. What I thought was so unique about the coverage is that the articles treated Ron Burgundy as a real person, The Guardian article said, “Burgundy, as readers will have no need reminding, was the anchorman for a San Diego TV station, until being fired in the late 1970s for accidentally telling the city to “Go fuck yourself.”

            There is the liberty of humor and both articles actually quote Ron Burgundy discussing his book using the line: “the first time I sat down and read this thing, I cried like a goddamn baby.”

            Rolling Stone is an American magazine, it has an office in London and heavily relies on its international audience and in this way resembles The Guardian, so it’s really fun to see both articles be so lighthearted and written in the tone of “If you aren’t part of the club, you should be.” Both are written in a casual tone but give tell the reader that imagination is  just as truthful and socially valuable as other international news. 


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