The sole purpose of this blog is inquiry: finding media patterns and connections among the regions of the world. As the writer, I seek to discover the structure that makes up international relations as it relates to what we see, hear and read as social humans. Of course this means delving into culture, politics and economics and their many facets. I will draw from sources such as New York Times and BBC, but I will compare and contrast other media outlets and publications and connect them to concepts offered in McPhail’s Global Communication published by Blackwell—why a textbook? Well because I am college senior and this blog is part of my coursework that, as my instructor Erica Newport describes it, “focuses on forces that impact media operations in various world regions” such as “economic factors, cultural factors in addition to impacts of different forms of governments worldwide that explain trends in media.” I will explore entertainment, sports, politics, environment, war, advertising, game shows, social change, the Middle East, social media, public diplomacy, human trafficking, and economics. I’m a small town girl from Sanibel Island, Florida, and after only leaving the mainland by force considering there is no high school on it, I would say my mind needed broadening—but I always was fascinated by print news, newspapers particularly.

As I came into my own at University of Florida the past three and a half years, I know that my heart will always be in print, but as the world globalizes via the Internet, I have to jump on the bandwagon to adequately explore what the media offers in this twenty-first century. But know, reader, in my heart I am thinking what my muse Hunter S. Thompson thought, and that is that “the trouble isn’t really with print, but with the people who control print.” I won’t make the mistake of thinking the Internet is somehow untouchable and do my best to explore what augments and disseminates the information we live or don’t live our lives by.




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